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Yesterday, centre-right coalition government in Portugal passed an amendment to the abortion law, which now requires women to cover the expenses of the abortion, while it used to be reimbursed by social security. The amendment also implements psychological and social counseling which clearly aim at dissuading women from getting an ...

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Four years since Utøya

Today, on the 22nd of July it will be four years since the terrible terrorist attack on Utøya in Norway, where 69 young people from AUF were brutally murdered during their Summer Camp. The Utøya tragedy is something that the world must never forget. It was a terrorist attack against tolerance ...

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#SuruçtaKatliamVar A suicide attack has killed until now around 30 people and wounded nearly 100 others in Suruç, near the Syrian border in the Kurdish parts of Turkey, where hundreds of young people gathered to help Kurdish people in Kobanê to rebuild their casual life. We, as Young European Socialists and International ...

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The story of a No that meant Yes

No, this is not a text on Greece. It's a story about us, who are  Greek of heritage. This past that we carry today as if it were a burden, was once the cradle and ideal of democracy and philosophy and politics and Εὐρώπη (Europe). And this Europe, that was ...

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The undersigned organizations, women activists from social democratic parties in South Eastern Europe, connected through the CEE Network for Gender Issues, and organisation member of Party of European Socialist Women (PESW) and Young European Socialists (YES), have been following with great concern the development of the political situation in Macedonia. ...

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Aftermath of the European summit : the EU needs to change, NOW !

In the aftermath of the European summit that finally led to an agreement on a new financial aid programme to Greece, Young European Socialists want to express our deep concerns. On the one hand we are reassured that some reasonable parties and the Greek government prevented Schäuble’s and Merkel’s mad plan ...

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Save Europe: Respect Greek democracy and Greece’s place in Europe

We call upon Europe’s leaders to take a clear stand for a democratic and united Europe by respecting the vote of the Greek people in the referendum of July 5th. An overwhelming majority of Greek voters have decisively rejected the austerity and bailout measure proposed by Greece’s creditors. This referendum vote is ...

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European leaders : no hesitation, choose democracy !

Dear European leaders, Our letter is a letter of hope. The hope democratically elected leaders of the European Union will stand for our generation. The hope you will make the right choice and side with the Greek people facing a huge denial of their democratic rights. It’s Tuesday and Greek banks are ...

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Normal?? Europe’s eyes turned to Turkey once again.

Europe's eyes turned to Turkey once again since the pride "celebration" that took place two days ago at Taksim Square with the police attack against demonstrators. Given that LGBT prides have been organized every year since 2003 when only 30 people attended and grew up to 100.000 people during Gezi protests ...

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Historic supreme court’s decision: Same sex marriages becomes reality across the US

Young European Socialists (YES) welcomes the historical US-Supreme Court ruling. Supreme Court declared the marriage equality as protected under constitution. Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States. Young Europeans Socialists (YES) understands this as a milestone on the way of full recognition and acceptance of LGBT*QIA individuals in ...

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