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Interview with Stefan Bogoev (Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia)

Our President Laura Slimani interviewed the leader of the Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia. Check it out! Stefan, you are the President of the Social democratic youth of Macedonia. Can you please tell us more about the political events that have shaken your country over the past year? In the past ten ...

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20 billion for the Youth Guarantee !

Young European Socialists will be present at the meeting of socialist ministers of employment on the 12th of October in order to express the voice of young people in the current economic debates, in preparation for the EPSCO meeting of the following day in Luxembourg. While young people have faced the ...

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Her body, her choice! #CzarnyProtest

It was 2014, and the conservative Government in Spain was about to abolish the reproduction rights that the Socialist party declared as women’s right in 2010. It was just a warning: it’s 2016 and we are still demanding to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which today prevents ...

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YES autumn events and meetings

At YES we never get bored! Here below our Autumn and Winter events and meetings: 1. European Youth Plan Action Day  The European action day will take place on the 16th November 2016. You will soon receive information not only from us but mainly from your mother party. 2. Network Seminar on Fight against right-wing extremism ...

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STOP CETA: Call from Slovenian comrades

While the EU-USA Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is not as dead as it looked like, CETA, the EU-Canada trade agreement, still seems to be on top of the European Commission's agenda. In this context, we received a request from our Slovenian comrades of Mladi Forum to share and disseminate their ...

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SOTEU, Pittella: we need “a big European heart”

On the 14th of September, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker addressed the European Parliament with his annual State of the Union speech. The President of the S&D Group Gianni Pittella reacted pointing out the concerns of the socialist and social-democratic family. As Young European Socialists, we highly appreciated ...

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Less talking and more listening, Mr. Schäuble!

Young European Socialists express their consternation at Schäuble's comment mocking the Mediterranean mini-summit gathering several heads of states and governments in Athens yesterday. Schauble said: "When socialist party leaders meet, nothing terribly intelligent comes out of it most of the time". We would like to tell mister Schäuble that he is in no ...

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TTIP is dead!

YES welcomes the end of TTIP negotiations. Within the last weeks and days, main characters in the TTIP negotiations and member states have declared the end of TTIP.   Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of SPD, state secretary for the trade of France, Matthias Fekl,  and TTIP rapporteur for the European Parliament, Bernd ...

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On the street, in newspapers, on TV or in social networks, it’s very easy to hear insults and abuse, which are often openly and proudly assumed. From the most widely accepted as repulsive to the ones considered more innocent, many people claim that such insulting and offensive terms are delivered ...

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European reality, humanitarian crisis – doctors without borders in the Mediterranean

On Sunday evening, we are leaving the YES Summer camp: tired, yet packed up with impressions and full of excitement about our upcoming vacation in Sicily. When traveling to our first stop in Trapani, we receive messages of comrades from all over Europe sending in pictures of their symbolic “refugees ...

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