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making sure that no child is left behind

The austerity measures implemented in many crisis countries in Europe are now being questioned by a wide range of economists. The one-sided policy of austerity has deepened the effects of the crisis, and many people now live on the brink of poverty. Many of them are children. In our manifesto for ...

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YES Action Day in Prague.

Thanks to the hospitality of MSD Czech Republic the third YES Action Day took place in Prague.More than 40 young international activists gathered on Friday afternoon to join the final event of Relaunching Europe tour and to discuss together with the Czech citizens and politicians alternative vision for our Europe. PES ...

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javi lopez

Enough is enough!

We need these elections to be a turning point in terms of how the crisis is being dealt with. The triple cocktail of austerity, internal devaluation, and restrictive monetary policy has shown itself to be not only unjust, but also stupid and counterproductive. Austerity has destroyed advances that were achieved over ...

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The left needs to win to protect and promote equality in Europe!

The Europe we want stands for equality in all areas. And if there is one thing that’s clearly not in the right wing’s agenda at the European level, it is equality.   We have all been shocked by what happened in Spain in December, when the Rajoy government decided to suddenly put ...

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small Kaisa

Voices for a more democratic Europe!

This spring, European democracy takes a leap forward. For the first time, the result of the European elections will define who will become the President of the European Commission. The European parties have selected - in a more or less democratic manner - the top candidates the European citizens get ...

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RENAISSANCE FOR EUROPE – A Common Progressive vision

With the aim to encourage citizen’s participation in the European election debates, and to promote political discussion, FEPS is organising the Renaissance forum in Brussels from 3rd to 5th April with all it’s close partners and members. There will be interactive debates, workshops and other side activities. Speakers confirmed: Elio ...

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International women´s day

No socialism without feminism ! 8th of March every year marks celebrations of women's economic, political and social achievements. The 8th of March is an important reminder of the fight for gender equality which was started by our socialist sisters long time ago.  International Women's Day is an occasion to ...

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progressive economy post

Annual Progressive Economy Forum, 5-6 March 2014

The second edition of Progressive Economy's Annual Forum will take place from 5-6 March 2014 in Brussels. This major event for progressives in Europe and internationally will be dedicated to the issue of INEQUALITY. The Forum will seek to identify key elements of a new progressive agenda for building more equal societies, ...

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YES calls you to #knockthevote

PES Congress elected Martin Schulz today as the top candidate for the European socialist movement in the upcoming elections. Young European Socialists support Schulz and are especially happy that he has taken the youth, and youth employment, to the heart of his campaign. The President of YES, Kaisa Penny spoke in ...

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Abortion Statement DE

Jusos & Die Falken statement on Spanish abortion law

  Download the pdf

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