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Interview of Fabian Molina, President of Juso Switzerland, about the popular referendum initative to ban speculation on food.

Juso Switzerland  is promoting the initiative, which would ban banks, investment funds and trading companies having their headquarters in Switzerland from investing in financial instruments tied to food commodities. Speculating in basic foodstuffs can distort prices and lead to famines and poverty around the world, according to the proponents of the initiative, ...

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YES condemns in the strongest terms the introduction of the new Danish legislation on refugees

From 21st January Danish parliament will discuss and vote a controversial new law on refugees that will enable the police to confiscate valuables worth over 1.300 euro’s (10.000 kroner). On top of this measure, Denmark moves to only granting a temporary security status instead of asylum to some Syrian refugees  ...

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YES welcomes PES announcement on Marshall Plan for European Youth

Young European Socialists welcome with enthusiasm the announcement of PES President Sergei Stanishev about so called “A Marshall plan for European Youth”. The President of the PES presented his idea at the European Progressive leaders during their European Council Preparation Meeting before the Christmas, attended by the vast majority of ...

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Declaration of the Leaders of the Young European Socialists

We are a generation of many challenges. Leaders of socialist youth organisations from all over Europe, we are gathered for the first time officially for many years to say that our generation deserves a future and we are ready to stand up for it. The European project which we are set ...

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roe tran

8-9th December : Leaders’ meeting of the Young European Socialists

Only a few weeks before the next European Council and at a crucial time for Europe and ideas of progress on our continent, for the first time in years, the leaders of socialist youth branches will gather in Brussels on 8-9th  December for a two days meeting. Socialists and social-democrats are ...

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Change the system, not the climate

Over the next days, the future of generations to come will be determined at the Climate Conference in Paris. As young Socialists and Social Democrats of Europe, we are expectant and eager to see an ambitious answer to the severe threats to our planet. We cannot afford to keep a ...

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want ot live free from violence

I want to live free. From violence.

November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women   Today, IUSY and YES jointly recall once again to stop violence against women*. November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 and fought for by grass ...

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Which Feminism for YES?

It is an exciting and demanding time for the YES Feminist Network:  the Summer Camp ended less than two months ago, new projects are about to start in cooperation with PES women and FEPS, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming YES -IUSY Feminist Network Seminar - which ...

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Left way for Portugal

Young European Socialists express their full support to Antonio Costa's willingness to form a coalition with the other left wing parties in Portugal. We oppose the decision of the President to ask the conservatives to form a minority government when a majority clearly exists among the left, led by Antonio Costa. We ...

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Barış kazanacak

Barış kazanacak

Two days ago in Turkey, several trade unions and professional organizations organised a rally calling for peace. Minutes before its beginning in Ankara  several explosions occurred and at least 97 people were killed, including 11 comrades from our member organisation CHP Youth. More than 246 people were wounded according to ...

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