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Transatlantic Treaty, Macroeconomic policies: time for a change!

In Washington today, defending the @YESocialists' position on #TTIP as adopted during the Bureau Meeting in Thessaloniki in March. — Daniel Cornalba (@DanielCornalba) October 14, 2014 From Sunday the 12th the PES, and the S&D Group organized a delegation to the United States in Washington. Together with the American Association “Initiative for ...

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junker Commission

Statement on The Juncker Commission

Young European Socialists (YES) welcomes the announcement of the Juncker Commission with mixed expectations. Despite the restructuring of the Commission as a new, promising idea to organize the work of the Commission towards more functioning “government” for the Union, more needs to be done to address the democratic deficit. “Business as ...

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YES calls for respect of protestors’ rights

  On 1st June 2013, during the Gezi Park protests, Ethem Sarısülük was shot in the head by the police officer Ahmet Şahbaz. Soon after, Ethem died and became one of the victims of the oppressive Turkish regime. On 3rd September 2014, the trial of the police officer responsible for his death ...

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Peace in Europe – Case Ukraine

In the midst of ongoing military operations, Ukraine’s most prolonged and deadly crisis since its independence from the USSR is far from being resolved. The crisis stems from more than twenty years of weak governance, a lopsided economy dominated by oligarchs, heavy reliance on Russia on one side and the ...

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hands up square

Points for a generation’s future

Now that the dust has settled down on the European election results, Young European Socialists (YES) looks towards the formation process of the new European Commission. Europe’s youth wants a European Union that cares for them and their future, and gives them the opportunity to live as free and equal ...

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World Cup: Human rights rather than FIFA-Dictatorship!

Press release of the Young Socialists Switzerland on June 10 2014 The Young Socialists Switzerland have conducted a sit-in in front of FIFA- headquarters in Zurich today to protest against the extreme disregard of human rights concerning the football World Cup 2014 in its shameless strive for maximum profit. In an open ...

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election result -better europe

A Better Europe, Still recruiting

Young European Socialists (YES) greets the European election result with mixed feelings. We thank all of our activists and candidates who fought across Europe in this great campaign to change the European Union. The PES member parties, YES member organisations and everyone who campaigned for Martin Schulz and for a ...

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Die Falken voice

Being pro-European means being anti-capitalist, anti-racist and socialist!

For a long time, Europe has been a source of hope. Creating a peaceful continent, harmonising national politics, achieving freedom of movement for workers, and building the spirit of European citizenship have inspired many of us. But what does this mean concretely for us as socialist youth movements? We fight for ...

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Poche CSSD

Young Candidate: Miroslav Poche

Age: 36 Education: European and Agricultural diplomacy Nationality: Czech Why are you running for a seat in the EP? I am running for a seat in the EP due to the need of a new status for the Czech Republic. This small country needs to undergo a change in the opinion of our European partners, ...

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As European youth, we have been called “the lost generation”

“The European Union has been hit hard by the crisis.”  How many times have we heard this sentence? Thousands and thousands of times, and we all know what it means for our generation: everybody has a friend, a cousin, a sibling or an acquaintance who can’t find a job. It means ...

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