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Save Europe: Respect Greek democracy and Greece’s place in Europe

We call upon Europe’s leaders to take a clear stand for a democratic and united Europe by respecting the vote of the Greek people in the referendum of July 5th. An overwhelming majority of Greek voters have decisively rejected the austerity and bailout measure proposed by Greece’s creditors. This referendum vote is ...

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European leaders : no hesitation, choose democracy !

Dear European leaders, Our letter is a letter of hope. The hope democratically elected leaders of the European Union will stand for our generation. The hope you will make the right choice and side with the Greek people facing a huge denial of their democratic rights. It’s Tuesday and Greek banks are ...

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Normal?? Europe’s eyes turned to Turkey once again.

Europe's eyes turned to Turkey once again since the pride "celebration" that took place two days ago at Taksim Square with the police attack against demonstrators. Given that LGBT prides have been organized every year since 2003 when only 30 people attended and grew up to 100.000 people during Gezi protests ...

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Historic supreme court’s decision: Same sex marriages becomes reality across the US

Young European Socialists (YES) welcomes the historical US-Supreme Court ruling. Supreme Court declared the marriage equality as protected under constitution. Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States. Young Europeans Socialists (YES) understands this as a milestone on the way of full recognition and acceptance of LGBT*QIA individuals in ...

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danish chart

Danish Election Calls for Reflections

The Danish general election on the 18th of June resulted in a change of parliamentary majority. Despite the first gain since 1998 for the Social Democrats, the parties supporting the incumbent centre left government lost 3 seats altogether to the right wing bloc with the nationalist Danish People’s Party as ...

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20 May 2010 - Brussels (Belgium) - A banner asks for a social Europe and "solidarity with the greek people" in front of the European institutions in Brussels. Around 100 people have demonstrated today in Brussels in support to greek workers. The demonstration was organized by greek residents in Belgium and joined by left wing belgian organizations. © BERNAL REVERT

Time to stand up for Greece

An emergency summit on the Greek debt crisis is set to be held this Monday 22nd June, after the latest meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on Thursday concluded with a depressingly predictable failure to reach agreement. The line taken by the main powerbrokers in Europe as to why an agreement has ...

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YES shocked at Hungary’s plan for migrant fence

Young European Socialists (YES) expresses its profound dismay and regret at the recently announced decision of the Hungarian government to start building a fence on its border with Serbia to keep migrants out. The country, which took a very important part in tearing down the “Iron Curtain”, now started preparations to ...

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Joint statement ahead of PES EPSCO Ministers meeting

In July 2008, the European Commission published its proposal on implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation (also known as "equal treatment directive outside of work" - COM (2008)-426). While the European Parliament, under the consent procedure, adopted its first reading position in ...

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YES reaffirms its continuing strong opposition to TTIP

  YES expresses its deep concern with the recent vote by the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament with respect to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the role played by Socialist & Democrat (S&D) MEPs in the passage of that vote. We are particularly dismayed by the committee’s ...

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Young European Socialists calls for effective changes on this International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

On IDAHOT day 2015, we can look back on the past year and be proud of a lot of really progressive steps on LGBTQIA rights being taken by our socialist and social democratic family across Europe. Despite these positive steps however the situation faced by so many LGBTQIA people across ...

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