Better Policies for a Better Society

The EU is not an island: the Social Pillar can’t be the only answer to the changing landscape in which the EU has to move. In a changing world, confusion can be tackled by making sure that the digital society we’re going to live in is open, democratic and inclusive, by ensuring that proper investments are made to finally make the so-called “knowledge society” a reality. A reality where everybody has the possibility to grow, emancipate themselves and pursue their own personal fulfilment. Where nobody is left behind and well-being is never conceived just for some happy few, but for the many.

The digital economy as an opportunity to improve the working conditions

The fear of the digitalization of the labour market can be tackled if we are brave and smart enough to consider it as an opportunity to improve the working conditions and work-life balance of workers. We need to be able to follow these transformations and monitor them, with every risk of digital divide being torn down promptly and effectively. We demand the EU to govern the digital economy as to ensure that with the new jobs come new rights, as to secure a welfare state for the workers of the digital economy, with no possibility left to exploit vacuums and undermine the labour rights that were achieved through centuries of fights of the labour movement.


All these policies and reforms have to be linked to the green economy in order for social innovation to thrive in building a sustainable and fair economic development model, where new and fair jobs can be created, for both young Europeans and young generation of newcomers. In light of climate change, we demand to change the system. Therefore, we call not only for a
sustainable production and trade model, but also for each policy to take into account the reality of climate change and be green-friendly, as to make sure that a just transition to a sustainable economic model take place consistently.

This is the third blog post of our Future of Europe Network: we have launched a call for contributions and we are pinpointing our key priorities for the Future of Europe. We aim at going beyond a good will to “Reform Europe”, we want to discuss realistic actions and solutions and use the network and structures that YES managed to build in last 25 years in order to fight for them.
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