20 billion for the Youth Guarantee !

Young European Socialists will be present at the meeting of socialist ministers of employment on the 12th of October in order to express the voice of young people in the current economic debates, in preparation for the EPSCO meeting of the following day in Luxembourg.

While young people have faced the harshest consequences of austerity policies in Europe, and still know unacceptably high unemployment and poverty rates, European governments and institutions have a responsibility to put young people at the centre of their priorities.

The Youth Guarantee is a very successful programme which has benefitted to 9 million young people in Europe, according to the European commission itself. It is an unprecedented success, particularly benefitting the ones who need it most, in the more disadvantaged areas of Europe. Yet, the European Commission is currently proposing to cut its funding by three. While 6.4 billion Euros were dedicated to the programme between 2014 and 2016, the Commission is suggesting to dedicate only 2 billion Euros for the period 2017-2020.

“It would be a terrible signal to reduce the funding of the one programme that actually works for young Europeans. In all coherence, the Youth Guarantee should be allocated more resources and not less. This is why we ask, together with the S&D group and the PES, to raise the funding of the Youth Guarantee to 20 billion Euros in order to touch even more young people. We are tired of grand speeches about the future of Europe that are never met with actual change. If European leaders and institutions really want to be up to the challenge, now is the time to show it”, YES President Laura Slimani claims.

Young European Socialists, PES and the S&D group will engage in a lobbying campaign in the following months to convince governments and European institutions to put more funding on the youth guarantee, a programme originally introduced by the European socialists. A big mobilisation on the European Youth Plan is foreseen across Europe on the 16th of November.

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