Equal opportunities for European-minded generations

The financial investments in infrastructures that are core to the transition to a more digital and
sustainable development model must be supported by investments in education and lifelong
learning. President Juncker delivered his State of the European Union speech on the 13th of
September: we listened to many promising ideas, yet education and lifelong learning were never

We firmly believe that accessible education and lifelong learning are precisely what will protect
our unity. For this reason, we are convinced that more investments and efforts have to be made to
build more integrated school curricula among the EU countries: for as to have EU citizens it is
essential to introduce EU civil education – and proper training for teachers who deliver it – and EU
scholarships from the primary school on. And as to reform the current social model into a
sustainable one, workers whose skills will soon be outdated have to be helped adapting their

experience to the newly required skills thanks to robust active labour policies. Furthermore,
European workers should be entitled to a common unemployment insurance, to ease their
transition from one job to another being able to pursue their personal fulfilment. The common
unemployment insurance should aim at enlarging the sphere of rights of the EU workers, thus
generating an up warding agreement among the member states and carefully preventing any
possibility of social dumping.

The European Union after Brexit can exist only if it becomes the democratic and open house that
works for all. The place where disadvantaged people – the poor as well as the refugee and the many
communities still discriminated against in our society – are welcomed and matched by proper public
policies that enable them to build their walk of life, step by step.

This is the fourth blog post of our Future of Europe Network: we have launched a call for
contributions and we are pinpointing our key priorities for the Future of Europe. We aim at going
beyond a good will to “Reform Europe”, we want to discuss realistic actions and solutions and use
the network and structures that YES managed to build in last 25 years in order to fight for them.
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