A Reflection on Utoya 5 years on

The 22nd July, that’s a date most comrades all over Europe will never forget. Many of us will remember what they did 5 years ago right before the horrible news came in. Many of us were preparing for the IUSY festival in Austria, looking forward to debating and partying with comrades from all over the world.

But all that changed when we heard about he explosion in the center of Oslo. While people where still wondering about the background of this attack, it got clearer when Anders Breivik killed 69 of our comrades of AUF and we knew that this was a right wing motivated attack.

5 years later, thinking about what happened still makes us speechless and sad. One question remains: Why?

5 years later, we also face a new wave of right wing tendencies all over Europe. While most of Europe’s gouvernements seem to be helpless in finding answers to this situation, we are running out of time. We are facing new challenges which force us to have answers.

We still have Jens Stoltenbergs words in mind: „Our answer is more democracy, more openness to show that we will not be stopped by this kind of violence. At the same time we shouldn’t be naive, we should understand that violence can attack our society – we’ve seen that today.“ and a other question comes up: How?

While we won’t be able to find all of the answers to this question today one thing is clear: coming here to this camp, debating and thinking of new ideas, that’s what keeps us united and thats what makes us strong. Strong to stand up against right wing rhetorics, against right wing policies and against violence!

Let’s use this opportunity to remember our comrades and honor them in continuing to fight for Socialism all over Europe!

Johanna Klingbeil
Vice President of Young European Socialists (YES)
Member of National Board of Jusos Germany

+49 151 46616167
twitter: johanna_kl

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