Yesterday, centre-right coalition government in Portugal passed an amendment to the abortion law, which now requires women to cover the expenses of the abortion, while it used to be reimbursed by social security. The amendment also implements psychological and social counseling which clearly aim at dissuading women from getting an abortion.

Every year, around 22 million unsafe abortions take place in the world. 13% of those result in maternal deaths. More than 3 million women getting unsafe abortion cannot receive care according to the numbers of World Health Organisation. The reasons behind this fact are first restrictive laws and high cost comes third.

Young European Socialists emphasise that women rights are human rights. Abortion is a human right and it should be free of charge for every woman, no matter what their financial situation is, or no matter where they live. We demand that conservatives get away from women’s body !

Nobody else but women should be allowed to interfere in women’s choices regarding their body.

This attack on women rights comes not long after the one in Spain over a year ago, and while abortion is still restricted or prohibited in some European countries. We, as Young European Socialists, support all feminist and progressive organisations of Portugal which mobilise against this step backwards and we demand :

  • that the government goes back on this decision
  • for the right to chose to be guaranteed at the European level

In the next weeks we will campaign for socialists to win the next election in Portugal because we know it is the best way for women rights to be safe and protected from the relentless attacks of the right in Europe. We will strongly and proudly claim it at our Summer camp in Portugal from 25-30 august.

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