The Presidium is the political leadership of YES and represents the organisation towards the European institutions and partners, as well as towards the general public. The Presidium meets before every meeting of the Bureau, as well as at its own meetings 2 to 3 times a year.

YES President

Joao Duarte Albuquerque (JS Portugal)

YES Vice-Presidents

Mikkel Mejling Andersen (DSU Denmark)

Dimitris Byritis (PASOK Youth)


Linus Glanzelius Johansson (SSU Sweden)

Renata Jajoska (SDY Macedonia)

Jovana Majstorovic (DY Serbia)

Michelle Rauschkolb (Jusos Germany)

Catalina Stefanescu (TSD Romania)

Philipp Tzaferis (SJÖ Austria)

Kasper Vanpoucke (JS Belgium)

Neil Warner (Labour Youth Ireland)


Chair of the network on the Future of Europe

Elisa Gambardella (FGS Italy)