Adeus Mário Soares!

Young European Socialists would like to show its deepest condolences to our sister organisation, JS Portugal, for the loss of Mário Soares, founding father of the Socialist Party and Member of Honour of JS. Soares’ contribution in building a democratic State in Portugal after 48 years of dictatorship as well as being responsible for the country’s accession to the EU is a political legacy that shall never be forgotten.
Soares was a humanist that dedicated his life to Portugal, Europe and its people, inspiring thousands of young people all over the world. His name will remain in the History of Socialism as one of the most important figures of its movement in the XX Century.
Not only was he one of the most prominent figures of the anti-fascist resistance, but he was also a tremendous defender of European integration and a true believer of its core ideals. Throughout is political activity, Soares often stood up against the liberal derive of the EU defending the implementation of the basic pillars that are the foundation of our social democratic beliefs.
During his time PS Secretary-General, three-time Prime Minister or even as President of the Republic, Mário Soares always held his position with high standards and deep commitment, showing a strong ethical commitment to the ideals of socialism, republicanism and democracy. For all his work and extraordinary contribution, Young European Socialists wish to express our deepest acknowledgment of such an extraordinary person. We will always remember that “Soares é fixe!” (Soares is cool!). Thank you, Comrade.

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