Young European Socialists are launching a campaign to say : Refugees welcome !

Young European Socialists, youth branch of PES, launched today a campaign to say Refugees Welcome. We refuse to let the far right monopolise public discourse against refugees being accepted in Europe.

Not only is asylum a legal obligation for European states according to the Geneva Convention, but we are also convinced that most Europeans feel solidarity towards those running away from wars and persecutions. We have witnessed the huge movement of solidarity that arose after little Aylen’s death in many countries in Europe and we want to use this in order to bring more solidarity to European asylum policies

All over Europe, stickers claiming “Refugees Welcome” will flourish in order to reclaim public space from ideas of the far right and encourage Europeans to express their will to welcome refugees in spite of governments building walls and fences. Events will be organised to advocate for progressive policies regarding asylum, and European leaders will be addressed in order to change the way the situation is handled. We are especially worried about the decision of the EU to “outsource” the asylum process to neighbouring countries, which does not only go against international law but may also put refugees in danger.

We advocate for

      European policies that open more legal routes for asylum seekers and migrants in order to protect them from the dangerous journey to Europe

      More financial support to ground NGOs and infrastructures providing asylum seekers with first aid and access to health, education and decent living conditions

      The abolishment of the Dublin agreement in order to allow asylum seekers to apply for asylum where they want in Europe

      Specific protection to vulnerable groups : European countries must urgently stop restrictions on family reunification, which are leading to more women and kids going on the road, leading to the generalisation of rape and prostitution of these women. In all refugee camps, a special attention should be paid to ensuring safe spaces for women and LGBTIs.

Young European Socialists are especially calling on socialist leaders in Europe to take a responsible stance by welcoming more refugees into Europe and ensuring them decent living conditions. These Policies should be implemented hand in hand with those improving the lives of European citizens, which is the condition for the integration process to go smoothly.

For more information about the campaign visit or contact YES secretariat

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