Candidates for YES Vice-Presidents, Control Commission President and members

Comrades from all over Europe, we are happy to inform you that the YES Control Commission and Secretariat have received the following candidacies for the regular election of 10 YES Vice -Presidents, 1 YES Control Commission President and 4 YES Control Commission members for the 13th mandate, which will take place at the 13th YES Congress, hosted by Jusos and SJD- Die Falken in Duisburg, Germany, from 6th to 9th April 2017.


Candidates for Vice-Presidents:

Andersen Mikkel Mejling, Danish, nominated by DSU Denmark;
Byritis Dimitris, Greek, nominated by PASOK Youth Greece;
Glanzelius Johansson Linus Love, Swedish, nominated by SSU Sweden
Jajoska Renata, Macedonian, nominated by SDY Macedonia
Livun Nenad, Croatian, nominated by CSDY Croatia
Majstorovic Jovana, Serbian, nominated by DY Serbia
Rauschkolb Michelle Diane, German, nominated by Jusos Germany
Scheck Andrea Eva, Swiss, nominated by Juso Switzerland
Stefanescu Elena-Catalina, Romanian, nominated by TSD Romania
Tzaferis Philipp, Austrian, nominated by SJÖ Austria
Vanpoucke Kasper Xavier, Belgian, nominated by JS Belgium
Warner Neil, Irish, nominated by Labour Youth Ireland.

Candidates for Control Commission President:

Koka Joleza, Albanian, nominated by FESYA Albania
Lopez Jurado Enric, Spanish, nominated by JSC Spain

Candidates for Control Commission members:
Hahn Martin, German, nominated by SJD – Die Falken
Maldonado Lopez Adriana, Spanish, nominated by JSE Spain
Maulat Clemence Ariane, French, nominated by MJS France
Roodla Madis, Estonian, nominated by SDY Estonia
Sutera Carmelo Georges, Belgian,nominated by MJS Belgium.

All candidacies are communicated without prejudice to the assessment of their validity, to be
made by the YES Control Commission.

In this shared folder you will find all the candidates’ relevant documents.

We wish a great Congress to all of us!

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