Clothing Disaster! – Day 3 YES Summer Camp 2016

Thursday seems to be the day that past me by. I awoke at 8am but following the pool party the night before I decided to take some extra sleep.

10am and I am stuck to the bed. I missed breakfast and the workshops and panels have already begun. I decided to get up and ready to head down to the hotel to write yesterday’s blog. On Wednesday night I put my swimsuit, towel and dress from the pool party on the railing of my balcony to dry, this seemed like a great idea but in the harsh sunlight of morning I noticed my towel and swimsuit in place but no dress.

It had landed on the small awning of the balcony below just out of reach! This would happen to me I decided if I could get something and knock it off to the balcony below but my luck turned when I discovered Declan has the arm length required to save my dress… on reflection it is not even a dress I really like but in the moment Declan was my hero!

We decided that once my blog was finished and uploaded to see what this Olympic size swimming pool is like. After the midday sun had passed around 2.30pm I went to the pool. Poolside there is a bar where I had some ice cream and then, being the rebel I am, I went swimming without waiting the recommended hour after eating ha-ha.

The pool ground around the pool burned my feet so diving in brought an instant relief. I felt it was much cooler in the pool and there was a small breeze which kept the heat away. Around 4pm some workers from the hotel turned on some music and started an aqua aerobics exercise so at this point I left heading for another pool with a jaquzzi!

The thing I love about jaquzzi’s is the heat… the one I went into was not warm! Despite the heat in Sicily I still looked forward to the warm bubbling water so I was disappointed. As 5pm approached I headed back to the meeting rooms so I could attend one of the workshops. I stopped off in the shop for some food and decided to go to the bathroom to dry my shorts before going into the workshop and that is when disaster happened.

In the toilet I realised my shorts had ripped from the waist down to the bottom of the shorts. My bum was on full view for all to see! It was lucky I had left on my swimsuit or I would never be able to show my face again! I rushed back to my room where I washed and wallowed in my pity as I really liked those shorts, que sad music.

After feeling sorry for myself and eating a packet of cheese puffs I had purchased earlier I headed down to dinner. 8pm is not a great time to head to dinner as it is very busy at this time and so I had to wait in the que for several minutes but this also gave me the chance to catch up with an old friend I made at last year’s Summer Camp, Thomas.

For dinner I had my favourite Spaghetti Bolognese, the dinner I once had 14 nights in a row in Portugal in 2002. Don’t get me wrong it was not as good as my Fathers but it was still damn good!

I had planned on going to the European Youth Plan evening but got distracted chatting with with my Swiss and UK comrades and by 10.15pm we decided it was too late to attend the evenings events so instead we played Flunky Ball into the night.

After a small “sing-song” most departed for the 90’s party but I headed off to bed, my old age must be getting to me! NOT (ooh very 90’s of me) I knew I had to be up for the 10am panel, “After Austerity – Which way is forward?”.

So what started with clothing disasters, missing dresses and ripped shorts became a wonderful evening of chats with old friends making some new ones and a peaceful night’s sleep…

Oh if my Mother reads this, Flunky Ball is definitely not a drinking game, alcohol what’s that?

I hope to see everyone at tonight’s Pride evening!

Stay safe,


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