Young Candidate:Diogo Leão

Age: 28

Education: History and Political Science

Nationality: Portuguese


“Youth unemployment must be a renewed priority in the European Parliament. More ambition, budget and flexibility should be approved to reform the Youth Guarantee, making it not just one more policy, but a right for a whole generation!”

  • Why is this election different?

In May 2014, we won’t vote for a standard mandate. The next five years are crucial to define answers for a most solid and democratic Europe. The Europe’s economy is now played in global terms, so its politics need to be stronger to harmonize the conjectural difficulties in some countries. We need to guarantee that financial and economic crisis in the EU are dealt with more solidarity and democratic sense in the future.

  • Personal experience with Martin Schulz?

I’ve met Martin Schulz in Lisbon, on the 6th of May. I took a long walk with him and many other Portuguese supporters and candidates through the city, and met hundreds of portuguese and European citizens on the way. He respects the diversity of the European states and peoples, but concentrates efforts to promote a more equal and united Europe, where there is no space for economic or political misconceptions between the North and the South of the EU. As the motto reads, “United in Diversity”, but equal in rights and efforts for a common good.

Find more about Diogo and his party here.

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