ECOSY Network Seminar in the KLH

Thanks to the hospitality of the Kurt Löwenstein House in Werftpfuhl, Germany, comrades from SSF Sweden, CHP Youth Turkey, SJÖ Austria, Animo Belgium, Mladi Forum Slovenia, Young Labour UK , Js in de PdvA Netherlands and SJD Die Falken Germany gathered for the ECOSY Queer Network Seminar and the Working Group on Migration and Integration.

The seminar was focussed on LGBTQ Liberation issues, including a discussion on “gay marriage” as a tool to equality or as a mirror of the outdated traditional form of marriage. It was followed by  workshop on trans-issues, including the development of tools on how to fight transphobia within our own organizations. Further, as a bridge the the seminar on migration the next day, the Queer Network Seminar was closed with an interesting discussion on LGBT and the interaction of Homophobia and Islamophia, focusing on the “defense of LGBT rights and European values” for an Islamophobic hate speech of some right wing parties, specially in northern Europe. It also included the topic of racism within LGBT communities and homophobia among migrants.

The Working Group on migration worked on the current European framework for migration policies and the (still) quite divers approaches from the single member states towards migration and integration. This included a video conference with the Slovenian MEP Tanja Fajon, from the Socialists & Democrats fraction in the European Parliament. In the afternoon, the participants had the oportunity to work on a statement for a socialists vision on Migration and Integration, the drafted paper will be further discussed by the network and will be then published on this website.

We would like to thank all the participants for their inputs and their enthusiasm!


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