EDEK Youth’s statement on the latest events around Turkish Cypriot demands for taxation of the Humanitarian Aid towards Greek Cypriots living in northern Cyprus


During the last few days we have been witnesses to a hideous act of unprecedented audacity by the
Turkish Cypriot ‘administration’ in Cyprus. Specifically, the self-styled Turkish Cypriot ‘Foreign
Minister’ denied access to areas that are not under control of the Republic of Cyprus for trucks
carrying food, medical and other supplies destined for Greek Cypriots living in northern Cyprus,
demanding that the Republic of Cyprus pays taxes for the goods. It is important to note that
the Republic has been providing our compatriots with essentials for 43 years now since the
Turkish invasion, in the form of humanitarian aid. These goods come from the state’s inventories
and they are distributed for free, none of them is for sale.
This issue is not only political, but largely humanitarian. It shows that a part of the Turkish
Cypriot community is still not ready for a reunified island as this hostile act had underlined.
Vulnerable population groups have been left for days without provisions and other essentials.
Although the people of the region helped its compatriots, there are urgent necessities that shall be
covered. It should be noted that the “authorities” had stated earlier that the crossing of the medical
supplies will not be subject to any stopping.
YES – Young European Socialists, together with its member organization EDEK Youth,
denounces this decision taken by the self-styled Turkish Cypriot ‘authorities’ against civilians.
This is a means by the Turkish Cypriot ‘authorities’ to apply pressure on the Republic of Cyprus to
recognition by implication of their established ‘administration’. The world should know that the
whole of Cyprus remains as an EU territory while a part of the island is still de-facto out of the
control of the legal government.
We are pleading with all our comrades in Europe and around the world to show their solidarity to
the Republic of Cyprus and oppose against these undemocratic and inhumane tactics which shows
a distinctive nature of nationalism and racism, and expect support of restoring the access of
essential goods to the population.

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