YES welcomes PES announcement on Marshall Plan for European Youth

Young European Socialists welcome with enthusiasm the announcement of PES President Sergei Stanishev about so called “A Marshall plan for European Youth”.

The President of the PES presented his idea at the European Progressive leaders during their European Council Preparation Meeting before the Christmas, attended by the vast majority of Prime Ministers, party leaders and EU leaders from the Socialists and social-democrats family. Young European Socialists are satisfied to see youth employment and education at the heart of socialists’ priorities for the year 2016. Almost 5 million young people are facing unemployment in the richest continent of the planet at the moment, and even more live in poverty. Young European Socialists will also put the future of young people at the heart of their priorities for 2016, by campaigning for their generation to get a decent future.

YES believes that Socialists and Democrats in Europe should be the leading force in the field of youth unemployment and opportunities and the Marshall plan could be a step in the right direction. ‘’After the Youth Guarantee project, which was initiated by YES and PES and that is being now  implemented in EU member countries, the Marshal plan brings a new hope to a generation facing unprecedented challenges. We are looking forward to working with PES on this field and to fighting side by side for the creation and implementation of the plan.’’ says Laura Slimani, President of YES.

The plan will be based on four pillars – education, jobs, culture and children protection.

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