Four years since Utøya

Today, on the 22nd of July it will be four years since the terrible terrorist attack on Utøya in Norway, where 69 young people from AUF were brutally murdered during their Summer Camp.

The Utøya tragedy is something that the world must never forget. It was a terrorist attack against tolerance and democracy, which are the values that AUF and the rest of the member organizations of Young European Socialists fight for. A similar attack on young Socialists took place a few days ago in Suruç, near the Syrian border in the Kurdish parts of Turkey, killing around 30 young people gathered there to help the rebuilding of Kobanê. We can never resolve political or other differences with violence or hate.

Taking Utøya back is a strong symbol of that the Socialist and Social Democratic youth is not defeated. We stay strong and united against the growing fascist and extreme forces in Europe.

We must make sure that the Utøya Island remains a place where we can remember our lost comrades, but also a place for political debate and togetherness and a symbol of fellowship, warmth and solidarity.

Our thoughts from Young European Socialists today are with our friends and comrades from AUF and Arbeiderpartiet and with the ones who lost their relatives and loved ones in this terrible tragedy.

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