On July 15, Gulen movement attempted to a military coup in Turkey. Young European Socialists condemned the coup attempt and defended that only an inclusive democracy could be a solution.

However, the prosecutions were extended too much that our comrades from secularist CHP Youth, member of our European socialist family, are claimed to be members of the Islamist Gulen movement, named “FETÖ” by Turkish officials. Six of our comrades are under arrest while two of our comrades detained with this ridiculous allegation pulled from their posts on social media. We oppose the fact that many progressive activists are facing this unacceptable situation in the country.

We, as Young European Socialists, know that CHP Youth has stood against both military coups and dictatorship in Turkey. The result of calling for an efficient democracy should not be this kind of oppression which our comrades are facing.

We as Young European Socialists call for immediate release of CHP Youth members!

YES repeat CHP Youth’s message:

“No to coup, no to dictatorship in Turkey!”


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