Points for a generation’s future

Now that the dust has settled down on the European election results, Young European Socialists (YES) looks towards the formation process of the new European Commission. Europe’s youth wants a European Union that cares for them and their future, and gives them the opportunity to live as free and equal citizens, but the strong results of euro-skeptics and right-wing extremists show that Europe cannot continue in the way it has until now, and that an EU of freedom, justice and human rights is still far away.

YES considers the following demands to be crucial: we demand them to be taken into account in the current process of establishing majorities in the European Parliament and the Council of the EU for the next five years:

  • We demand openness and transparency in EU decision-making. We continue to demand that the common candidate of one of the European political parties be charged with the task of obtaining a majority in the European Parliament and subsequently become President of the Commission. Those groups that decide to be part of this majority should fix a common programme for the mandate, in order to make it possible to assess the progress made and keep the elected President to h* commitments


  • Youth unemployment must be tackled with determination and sufficient resources. Europe needs sustainable growth and more resources allocated to the European Youth Guarantee. The European budget needs to be revised to respond to the depth of the social and employment crisis we continue to be in the middle of: this includes measures to tackle income inequality and a European minimum wage/income system, an end to the liberalisation and privatisation of public services, and comprehensive re-industrialisation and regional development strategies.


  • We need more tax justice, meaning the EU-wide introduction of the financial transaction tax as well as the fight against tax havens and tax evasion, enhanced banking regulations and the establishment of European minimum corporate tax rates.


  • We cannot allow trade agreements to undermine workers’ rights, environmental standards, consumer protection or fair trade. Therefore, the negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) should be stalled until we are sure none of these basic requirements will be violated. We need a public debate on TTIP, and to look into alternatives to free trade agreements for the construction of a fair global trade system.


  • We want a more humane European asylum policy, with more equal sharing of responsibilities between EU member states and more legal possibilities to enter and settle in Europe. Additionally, we demand full and unrestricted freedom of movement of persons within the EU.

It is evident that the conservative and austerity policies of the European right have not worked, have weakened the European project and have led to a disastrous election result. Europe still lives in the middle of a deep crisis: the need for change is still there. YES will continue to fight for it, with the elected left-wing and progressive MEPs, the Party of European Socialists and the S&D Group in the European Parliament.


Find the document in pdf:YES_EC_Demands

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