YES calls for the suspension of TTIP negotiations

Young European Socialists take note of the latest information leaked by Greenpeace about the transatlantic treaty, showing that their strong concerns about this treaty were justified.

As we and many civil society organisations had already claimed, these revelations show that TTIP represents a clear danger for European environmental, health, social and labor  standards. It seems that the US are not willing to negotiate or accept major European principles, such as the precautionary principles.

European citizens have been kept out of these discussions for too long now, and this lack of transparency is weakening even more their trust in European institutions.

The European Parliament’s position was decided last year in July. With the documents being leaked it is now clear that the Parliament cannot accept TTIP.

For all these reasons, we reaffirm our opposition to TTIP as such and call on European governments and MEPs to suspend these negotiations which have been biased from the beginning towards the interest of corporations instead of citizens’.

Trade treaties cannot be passed at any price. Our answer is fair trade for everyone instead of free trade for a few.

We call for trade relations that favour the quality of standards, goods, and life.

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