Hungary, YES and IUSY deeply concerned by elections result

On Sunday, April 8, Viktor Orbán lead Fidesz has won a two-thirds majority in the Hungarian Parliament. Although, the elections were far from democratic, yet the current government could secure the majority of the votes, which cannot be ignored.

We, socialist youth all over the world are deeply saddened by this result, as it shows again that the century-old political toolkit of the populist far right is still working. Moreover, it seems to be unstoppable in spreading hatred and tearing apart people, societies, regions and international communities.

At moments like this, it might seem impossible to stop the spread of far-right populism. However, this unfortunate turn out of the Hungarian elections must encourage us even more not to give up, but to unite our forces in Hungary, Europe and all over the world.

We know that the fast changes that are happening around us frighten many people. This is the fear that was used against Hungarians and this is the fear that other far-right parties try to exploit as well. We must listen to the fears of people and together turn it into hope and essentially into a system that is based on trust and inclusion instead of fear and hatred.

We, the International Union of Socialist Youth and Young European Socialists stand next to the Hungarian people and especially the Hungarian youth who desperately want a progressive change in their country. We will work closely with them and help to realize the change our community needs.

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