YES shocked at Hungary’s plan for migrant fence

Young European Socialists (YES) expresses its profound dismay and regret at the recently announced decision of the Hungarian government to start building a fence on its border with Serbia to keep migrants out.

The country, which took a very important part in tearing down the “Iron Curtain”, now started preparations to build a new one. With this decision, together with the xenophobic billboard campaign, PM Viktor Orbán does not contribute to the solution but creates more problems.”Spreading hatred and erecting four-metre-high fences will not solve the issue of migration in Europe. The problem will stay and even escalate in the absence of constructive dialogue and sense of humanity” – underlined by Laura Slimani, president of  YES.
Also, the abruptness and force of these government actions are very surprising. “These measures suggest that immigration is the biggest problem of Hungary, while in reality it is hardly a typical destination for migrants and at the same time the country struggles to lure back the hundreds of thousands young people who decided to leave” – added by Roland Gúr, international secretary of our Hungarian member organisation, Societas.  
We urge the Hungarian government to deal with the question in a more responsible and constructive manner. PM Orbán must abstain from exaggerated and scaremongering steps. Instead he should participate in finding a common European solution that serves the benefit of all.

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