International Women’s Day 2017 – Still fighting for a fairer society for all

More than 100 years after the garment workers’ strike in New York, where women protested against their working conditions, women* still have reasons to step up on a daily basis to demand equal opportunities.

Last year we decided to draw the attention on the women’s fleeing the horrors of war and discrimination. One year later, the European Court of Justice ruling that countries have full discretion to refuse humanitarian visas will have serious consequences for the lives and safety of thousands of people, especially women*. Therefore we strongly demand once again that on the International Women’s Day a special attention is dedicated to the basic human rights that are still denied to hundreds of thousands of women* refugees.

As socialists, we believe that the right to self-determination and freedom is inextricably linked with the economic rights. It’s 2017 and yet  the economic empowerment of women* is still a fight to be overcome – Economic empowerment of women* is indeed the main theme of the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women, where YES will be proudly present to advance our ideas. Moreover, we are witnessing the steady conservative attempt to go backwards on the path of women* rights. Right-wing governments all over Europe put at stake women*’s reproductive and sexual rights, promoting a counter-revolution that threatens secular achievements. We as Young European Socialists firmly support the women* who protested against this gloomy design for the future. Just like those women*, we will make our voice heard and take the streets rather than be silent witnesses. Our  fight against the inequalities that persist between the genders is not over. On the International Women’s Day, we revamp our commitment to a fairer society, where the radical idea that women* and men* were born equal finds its fulfillment.

Elisa Gambardella

YES Feminist Network Coordinator

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