International women´s day

No socialism without feminism !

8th of March every year marks celebrations of women’s economic, political and social achievements. The 8th of March is an important reminder of the fight for gender equality which was started by our socialist sisters long time ago.  International Women’s Day is an occasion to honor and praise women for their accomplishments, at the same time as we continue fighting for an more equal world!

The fight for gender equality has still not reached it goal. Even worse, conservatives in Europe question our right to choose like in Spain or through the rejection of the Estrela report on sexual and reproductive rights in the European Parliament. We stand in solidarity with Spanish women in their fight to secure their right to abortion. The terrible decision of the Spanish government should remind us women rights are never granted for good and equality is a constant fight.

European elections take place this year: we must make all citizens aware of the backwards vision of conservatives and keep pushing for feminist ideas in the socialist family.

We, as Young European Socialists, therefore demand:

–          YES, we fight for women’s sexual and reproductive rights to be guaranteed at the EU level and for equal access to abortion to be a top priority.

–          YES, we ask for professional gender equality that means equal pay, equal access for both man and women to all level of the labour market. The gender pay gap is a sadly a fact in Europe. Many women at the labour market are force to take part-time job places, unpaid jobs, voluntary work and perform the bulk of domestic labour. We demand a more equal parenthood and equal sharing of care responsibilities between the genders in our societies. Welfare states need to provide free, accessible and equal public child care, to make it easier for women to participate in the labour market. Fighting precariousness in work in general is in fact fighting for gender equality since part time and precarious jobs are mostly occupied by women.

–          YES, we struggle for stopping violence against women at home, at the work place or in the public space. We believe our progressive society should protect women who experience violence, experience more information campaigns about violence against women, be build facilities of help centers, where victims of violence will be able to find legal, psychological, financial support for themselves and their children.

–          YES, we struggle for a society that invests in gender equality, employment and public services, and we oppose austerity measures which harm the ones who are already in difficult economic and social positions like young people or women.

–          YES, we fight for an equal society with full representation and participation of its citizens. An equal gendered society which delivers and guarantees women’s equal civil, social, political and economic rights.

–          YES, we stand for empowerment of women. Young women should be put in the front lines of the agenda of the political organizations and structures. We call not just for empowering women in political participation and involving them in the political debates, but also for active women participation in decision making processes. We hold the European political parties responsible to their commitment of electing more young women to the next European Parliament.


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