#IWD2016: Honor to women fleeing wars, honor to all fighting for their rights!

The International Women’s Day was established on the 8th of March by the UN in 1975, and first celebrated by the Socialist Party of America in honor of the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions. In 2016 it still represents an opportunity to take a moment and celebrate women’s achievements worldwide, while highlighting the inequalities that persist between the genders and revamping our commitment to a fairer society, where the radical idea that women* and men* were born equal finds its fulfillment.

Women* are still struggling not just for equal pay, but for their basic human rights. The women’s struggle for their sexual and reproductive rights, all over the world, is just the plainest example. This year, we as European Socialists, want to address and dedicate our admiration to a particular part of  women’s population: those who flee horrors of war.  Women* refugees who decided to undertake anguishing, gloomy, and violent paths, trying to achieve a better future for them and their children. How many times did we see that purely brave, desperate but still hopeful glimmer in their eyes when looking at the next landmark of their path? On the International Women’s Day we urge the European Union to act, to act now! to protect that glimmer, and welcome those lives and stories, in our society.



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