Young Candidate: Iya Petkova

Age: 34

Nationality: Bulgarian

Education: PhD in Management and Administration, Master of Business Administration.

Profession: Assistant professor at the Sofia University


‘We, the candidates for members of the European Parliament will be the guarantee that the EU will be closer to the people, will be the guarantee that the EU policy will be led by the concerns and in interest of the European citizen’s agenda, and we will work harder for a change in Europe.”

What should be changed in Europe?

Europe needs to come to the home of everyone. The functioning and the work of the European institutions should be defined as a bridge that connects the various countries with their specific interests, cultures, values ​​and objectives. This bridge between the differences is based on several pillars: the solidarity,  the hard and dedicated work, the contact network and last but not least the trust. We will work for a fair social Europe, for more jobs and higher incomes.

Why these elections are important for the EU?

There are several reasons. For the first time since ten years there is a real chance the socialists in Europe to be the first political force. So we can expect a real left EU governancepeople-oriented. I deeply believe and I am convinced that after 25th of May the future will belong to a more social and democratic Europe, to Europe that starts working for the people.

You are young university lecturer . What alternative offers the Left for the young people in Europe?

We the young people want justice, we want not to be lied, we want our future not to be lost and robbed, we have to be proud of, we want to have the right of a decent future. The fight against the youth unemployment and the care for the young people in Europe is a key priority for the European Left. Thanks to the mobilization and to the tireless action of the Party of European Socialists (PES), today the “Youth Guarantee” is not just a possibility, it is a a real commitment to the young people who face difficulties in finding job.Bulgaria is one of the first countries that adopted the National Plan for Implementation of the Youth Guarantee in December 2013 andsince the beginning of the year, nearly 10,000 unemployed young people under 29 have started work or are involved in training / internship.

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