Young Candidate: Javi López

Age: 29

Education: Masters in Leadership management and social policy

Nationality: Spanish

Why are you running for a seat in the EP?

I am running because Europe is deeply in need of a dramatic change. Things must be handled and done in a completely different way. So far, conservative and liberal majority in the EU and its austerity policies have been proven wrong and greatly unfair. These measures have brought about unemployment, wider inequalities and greater difficulties for many people to make ends meet.  Europe should get back on the track of solidarity and prosperity for everyone and retrieve its very essence: a common ground of shared dignity for all its citizens. That’s the battle I’m up to, together with my socialists & social democrats colleagues around all Europe.


Which change is the most important for you?

As part of a young generation that should unexpectedly pay for the consequences of the devastating crisis and fight hopelessness and the unfair lack of job opportunities, facing youth unemployment will be one of my top priorities. Europe should put people first and be the stepping stone to widen and strengthening social rights and equal opportunities for everybody, especially for young people as they represent EU’s future and success.


Why is this election different?

This election represents a turning point. As European Socialists, we have the power to build a strong progressive majority in the European Parliament and trigger that change to recover Europe’s essence of solidarity, respect, equality and dignity. The current situation is very worrying but now it’s time to make this U-turn. And it is in our hands: let’s make it happen!

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