8-9th December : Leaders’ meeting of the Young European Socialists

Only a few weeks before the next European Council and at a crucial time for Europe and ideas of progress on our continent, for the first time in years, the leaders of socialist youth branches will gather in Brussels on 8-9th  December for a two days meeting.

Socialists and social-democrats are struggling to find European citizens’ confidence. We are witnessing the worrying rise of the far right in many of our countries, and more recently of new progressive forces which challenge our political family.

In the headquarters of SPA and in the European Parliament they will address the political, social and economic situation of Europe and the numerous challenges faced by European socialists. As so much is decided for our generation at the European level, activism at that level is needed more than ever. Therefore a future campaign to be led everywhere in Europe will also be part of the agenda. The Leaders will get an opportunity to exchange views with Sergei Stanishev, the Leader of PES, as well as with young Members of the European Parliament.  As Laura Slimani, leader of the Young European Socialists and the French Young Socialists, puts it, “Young activists need to be the driving force for a revival of socialism in Europe, it is crucial for our generation’s future.”

If you are interested in following parts of the meeting or meeting some leaders of socialist youth in Europe, please contact us.

Below you will find the list of the Leaders who will be present.

MJS France/YES Laura Slimani
SjÖ Austria Julia Herr
JS Belgium AAron OOms
SDY Bosnia Irhana Čajdin
CSDY Croatia Jure Zubčić
SDY Finland Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi
SONK Finland Hanna Humonen
Juso Germany Johanna Uekermann
Societas Hungary Roland Gur
UJ Iceland Eva Indridadottir
Labour Youth Ireland Grace Williams
GD Italy Giacomo Possamai
FGS Italy Roberto Sajeva
JSL Luxembourg Jimmy Skenderovic
SDY Macedonia Stefan Bogoev
SDY montenegro Maja Vukčević
JUSOS Switzerland Fabian Molina
Labour Students UK Michael Rubin
MJS Belgium Maxime Felon
SDY Serbia Dušan Milivojević
JS Netherlands Bart Van bruggen
JS Portugal Joao Torres


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