Less talking and more listening, Mr. Schäuble!

Young European Socialists express their consternation at Schäuble’s comment mocking the Mediterranean mini-summit gathering several heads of states and governments in Athens yesterday.
Schauble said: “When socialist party leaders meet, nothing terribly intelligent comes out of it most of the time”.
We would like to tell mister Schäuble that he is in no position to make such declarations when socialists are trying to clean up the mess that resulted from years of austerity imposed on European countries by the political family he belongs to. We would like to tell mister Schauble that he has no right to disrespect initiatives that seek solutions when over 24 % young people are unemployed in Europe largely because of the policies he has supported and pushed.
We would like to tell mister Schaüble that his comment is below his function and that he better do less talking, reflect on the disaster his ideas have generated in Europe, and for once listen to those who actually have the ambition to make Europe a space of prosperity for all again.

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