Historic supreme court’s decision: Same sex marriages becomes reality across the US

Young European Socialists (YES) welcomes the historical US-Supreme Court ruling. Supreme Court declared the marriage equality as protected under constitution. Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States. Young Europeans Socialists (YES) understands this as a milestone on the way of full recognition and acceptance of LGBT*QIA individuals in the United States. Nevertheless, that the significance of this decision is it’s only a beginning far from being sufficient.
We still can´t talk about equal status of people with different sexual orientation or gender identity in Western society. There are still many a lot other goals witch have not been achieved and too many people around of the US and Europe are still facing transphobia and homophobia in public places, schools, universities, in public institutions, etc.

Young European Socialists (YES) calls the lawmakers of European Countries to adopt legislative measures to implement marriage equality in their countries. Young European Socialists (YES) insist on single EU directive that will allow the same sex bounds (civil partnership, registered partnership, same sex marriages) concluded in another country to be recognized in all of EU member states.

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