Support struggle for democracy in Macedonia

Young European Socialist (YES) and International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) are following the latest developments in Macedonia with great concern. The clashes happened in Kumanovo on Saturday 9 May, in which 8 police officers were killed and 37 citizens injured, occurred among a powerful wave of protests against the government. Thousands of people took the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the current government after the opposition party SDSM released evidence indicating widespread phone tapping on part of the government. We, the Young Socialists and Social Democrats take serious note of the deterioration in freedom of expression resulting in the lowest record of press freedom in the region and note with growing concern the state control over the media, the lack of independence of the judiciary system and the lack of respect and decline of essential fundamental rights.

We call for peace and hope that events similar to the one that happened on May 9th 2015 will never be repeated. We express our sympathy to the families of those who were killed or injured. We call for dialogue and abstaining from adding an ethnic aspect to the already troubling situation in the country. We ask the media not to raise tensions and not to spread fear and hate with nationalistic articles about the conflict in Macedonia. We urge the authorities and all political and community leaders to cooperate, to restore calm and fully investigate the events in an objective and transparent manner within the Law.

We declare our unconditional and full support for the citizens of Macedonia and our comrades from the Social Democratic Youth (SDYM) who strongly oppose the abuse of power and to the policy lead by the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and its close circle. We are witnessing authoritarian governments and unhealthy democracies, both within and outside the EU, that are trying to undermine their own democracies by cracking down on opposition forces and the media.  We clearly declare that the democratic values must be respected at all times and must not be repressed at any cost.

YES and IUSY believe in internationalism as one of our crucial values, and we call all our member organizations and partners to send their support to comrades in Macedonia. We will support our comrades during the protest on May 17th in Skopje and in accordance with our values of solidarity and cooperation we remain SDYM allies in their struggle.


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