Young Candidate: Magnus Nilsson

Age: 30
Education: Master of European studies from Gothenburg university
Nationality: Swedish

 “The conservatives has been running Europe now for 15 years and we have seen the consequences. Extremely high unemployment, non-existing ambitions for the climate and lowering support for social issues. The EU needs to invest in research and innovation to create new jobs, we also need higher ambitions on climate issues to ensure that Europe becomes the worlds first region to be carbon-neutral!”
  • Why are you running for a seat in the EP?

I believe the EU is a very important tool to create a sustainable and more equal future in the European countries. But we are not moving in this direction today and I hope to a part of this change!
  • Which change is the most important for you?
For me the issue of a more equal and just refugee politics is very important. Today people are sent back to countries were war is raging. With 150 000 dead in Syria since the conflict started Europa has an obligation to take a larger responsibility when it comes to asylum seekers.


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