Young Candidate: Maruschka Gijsbertha

Maruschka Gijsbertha 

Age: 29

Education: Financial Economics and Tax Law

Nationality: Dutch



“Within each social group, a feeling of solidarity prevails, a compelling need to work

together and a joy in doing so that represent a high moral value.”

When I first started becoming active in the Young Socialist in the Netherlands, I stumbled

upon this quote by Christian Lous Lange. This quote has stayed in my mind throughout

these years because for me, it represents why I became active for the organisation. It is

only with strength in numbers that can we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves,

translate our values into practical solutions and keep believing that our work is necessary.

My name is Maruschka Gijsbertha. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, but my roots

are in the Caribbean. I have studied financial economics and tax law. Since 2010, I am a

member of the municipal council for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA). As a municipal

councillor I have contributed to a visible and strong youth agenda that has the support of

a lot of young people. Also I have fought for more action against discrimination of LGBT’s.

The different crises that we are in right now – of course the financial and economic crisis,

but also the sustainability crisis – provide us the chance to changes things. And who else

than us, the next generation, can take the future and make it something to look forward

to. Especially now we must stand strong for unity, hope and change, instead of what the

ones in power are doing by dividing the countries, let fear prevail and take conservative


The world is not going to change by itself. Those who once change the world, believed

they could do so by setting the example. Let us be brave like them and believe that

anything is possible.

The 3 most important issues for me to work on during the next 5 years are:

The years of crises have resulted in more inequality & poverty and worst of all a growing gap

between countries within the EU. If I would get elected equality would be my priority to work on.

Equality not only for individual people living in the EU but also the sense and feeling of a union

by having more equality between the countries in an economical perspective.

The most important issues for me is the fight against poverty amongst children. No child should

grow up in poverty and have the feeling of being inferior because of the poverty that they have


Mine main source of inspiration is:

It sounds a bit cliché but my source of inspiration is my mother. She has made me the person

that I am today. Always with positive energy to make a change. It doesn’t matter how small it

is, as long as it will help someone. Elected or not I will keep working hard to reintroduce this

values into everyday life of European citizens. Our mind-set nowadays is mostly money and

success oriented, I believe that together we can change that back to a value-driven lifestyle.

My best campaigning tip is:

If we want a social Europe, we must take action by campaigning day and night to get people to

understand why voting is important and why their vote matters!

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