Young Candidate: Miroslav Poche

Age: 36

Education: European and Agricultural diplomacy

Nationality: Czech

Why are you running for a seat in the EP?

I am running for a seat in the EP due to the need of a new status for the Czech Republic. This small country needs to undergo a change in the opinion of our European partners, it needs to become more respected and seen as a real partner. So far, it is necessary to prove that this country also has candidates who are interested in the citizen’s problems, who are communicating with people, and most of all who can also communicate with other European Parliamentarians and share their point of view. Members of the EP need to reach a constructive cooperation with other members in order to get the EU out of its many crises.

Which change is the most important for you?

As a Social Democrat, I cannot overview the problem of the so called “Lost Generation”, which is now omnipresent within the EU. We need to focus on bringing education, qualifications and working conditions not only for young unemployed citizens, but also for elder persons whom have not reached their retirement age and yet are jobless. This unemployment crisis goes hand-in-hand with the need to support various industries and penalize tax havens and tax evasions, which are massively spreading.

Personal experience of campaigning – your favorite moments?

My favorite moments in campaigning are by far the moments I can spend chatting with electors, learn about their different backgrounds, their various problems and how they would solve the assorted issues. I think it is always good when a politician goes out and experiences the realms of life hidden from political offices.

Personal experience with Martin Schulz

I have met with Martin during his Prague visit on April 11th, 2014.

Why is this election different?

It is the tenth anniversary of the Czech Republic’s adhesion to the European Union. The Czech Republic is known as a “euro-skeptic” or “euro-realist” country, but its citizens are also becoming aware of the fact, that now that we are really in this entity, we need to do something about it. I can see that people are getting more interested in the topic and I do receive many questions about the EU politics.

Who or what is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is my family, albeit it might sound as a cliché.

What is your best campaigning tip?

The best campaigning tip is to go out of your cozy home or office and talk to people in the street. If one does not know what people think, how they live, which problems they have, than such ignorant person has no rights to represent the people.

If you were commission president for one day what would you do?

Show the parliamentarians what reality looks like. That reality is not a nice salary of a secure job, but rising unemployment, rising crime, rising civilization diseases such as obesity due to malnutrition. I would force them to dig into it, understand it. Maybe then, they would understand that the timeless bureaucratic procedures and very often useless directives are more of a burden for EU citizens than a positive aspect.

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