My journey begins – Day Oneish of Yes Summer Camp 2016

I am Sarah Dunne from Labour Youth Ireland, I am 26 and attending my second YES Summer Camp.

My day began as hectic as it always is when I am traveling anywhere double and triple checking my lists to ensure I have not forgotten anything. Clothes check, toothbrush check, sunscreen check, sanity.. still searching!

Getting to Sicily from Ireland is not an easy feat. The only direct flights are on Sundays and Wednesday so my options are arriving 2 days early and look for accommodation or a day late and get a taxi from the airport to the resort but what fun would that be missing out on the welcoming ceremony! So I took a 3rd option and decided to layover in Copenhagen! (I must say it is a beautiful airport and very easy to navigate).

My journey however beings at home, a small town in Ireland called Carrick-on-Suir come visit I would be delighted to see you! If you were in our quaint town today, you would have seen me driving around like a woman lost looking for extra sunscreen and a fan. Once I know I am ready I zip up my suitcase, hoping it is under 23kg for the airline, and place it near the door ready to leave. Of course being a small town in Ireland means I cannot just hop on a bus or a train to the airport I must drive 12km to the next village where at 14.40 I was finally on my way!

The bus was scheduled to arrive at Dublin Airport at 17.25 but getting stuck in rush hour traffic in the city means it is 17.45 when I finally get to check in, where my bag is 22.5kg! Declan, International Officer for Labour Youth Ireland is waiting patiently for me, or at least he is pretending to be patient!

We flew SAS and it was a pleasant flight with free coffee, always a bonus, and the cabin crew were going above and beyond ensuring we had a great flight even giving free soft toys to the children on board. It was a smooth flight and the sun had just set before we arrived in Copenhagen so looking over the glittering lights was very welcoming.

And now I sit hear sipping a coffee with free Wi-Fi and actual electrical sockets! I have a book at hand ready to read before setting off for sunny Sicily and my second YES Summer camp as the 8-hour and 55-minute layover begins. And just when I thought I’d found my sanity!

See you all tomorrow,


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