Nelson Mandela, the man who made a rainbow nation possible.

In these days we mourn over the loss of a great political leader. In Nelson Mandela we saw what we all seek in ourselves. And this made him a great human being among humans, referring to the South African philosophy Ubuntu.

 Nelson Mandela was an inspiration for politicians all over the world. He was a true example of a person dedicated to the causes of equality, freedom and democracy in South Africa and all over the world. His work will live forever and strengthen future generations of young activists all over the world to walk in the footprints he has marked for us to follow.

Our thoughts go out to his family, as they have lost their father, grandfather, brother, friend and most of all a loved one.  May they find the strength and support to process their grief.

 Young European Socialist vows to remain faithful to his message and to his action and sends its deepest feelings of loss to our comrades and to all citizens of South Africa, the rainbow nation Mandela made possible.

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