Open Letter to MEPs on the Budget Agreement

A letter sent by ECOSY – Young European Socialists and Federation of Young European Greens – FYEG to all MEPs.

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

On behalf of ECOSY – Young European Socialists and Federation of Young European Greens – FYEG, we would like to bring to your attention our concerns regarding the 2014-2020 Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF). Although we find it commendable that the Member States were able to find an agreement on the budget at this time, we find the agreement worrying for many reasons and ask you not to accept it in its current form.

As young Europeans we find it problematic that the common European budget, which is after all very low, is cut at a time when Europe needs more investment and solidarity and when many Member States are implementing stifling austerity. At this time, the EU should ensure investment in areas and sectors where the much needed recovery could be created.

We are also concerned with the inability to move on with the necessary reforms for the budget in the current agreement. It is clear that the need for reform was overruled by the blind will to cut the budget, and the unsustainable focus of the budget on the CAP over investment in sustainable growth, environment, infrastructure and employment continues for years to come. We believe that the budget needs to help start the recovery in the first years of the cycle, and to continue to even out the distribution of welfare in later years. The current austerity budget promises neither.

We also hoped to see new methods to raise own resources for the Union introduced into the MFF, which are still missing. We support the creation of carbon taxes and for the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) to be gathered at European level for the European budget.

Therefore, despite our gratitude for the creation of the youth guarantee fund and our acknowledgement of the difficulty of the time, we are concerned by the future of EU, if the most populist arguments beat the need of the European people in the MFF negotiations.

We would ask you to seriously consider our concerns on the MFF, and work to create a more progressive and future-oriented MFF agreement for this budget cycle.

Kind regards,

Terry Reintke, FYEG Co-Spokesperson
Jakob C. Schwarz, FYEG Co-Spokesperson
Kaisa Penny, ECOSY President

The ECOSY Presidium
The FYEG Executive Committee

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