Turkey, peace must win!

Yesterday, people of Turkey experienced one of their most difficult days in history. The unsuccessful attempt of the military coup that occurred was worrying in terms of rule of law, implementation of human rights and the will of the people of Turkey.

We as Young European Socialists underline that the people of Turkey do not deserve these hard times of insecurity and instability. However, we also believe in progressive and democratic movements who fearlessly struggle for peace and the rule of law.
YES calls the political parties of Turkey, which came together for the first time to stand against the attempt of the coup, to see this as an opportunity to stop the polarisation in the country and to build a democratic state in dialogue and in transparency. In order to ensure this, we remind the cruciality of implementation of the right to a fair trial and security on the streets. Rather than increasing the mechanisms of fear, deepening the rule of law, transparency and democratic procedures is the way to go.
YES, calls for a democratic Turkey where this crisis will be surpassed in pluralism, without exclusion of any political opinion.
NO to military coups,
YES to progressive struggle in Turkey!

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