YES Pool Of Trainers Renewal

Dear Friends,
We are currently in the process of carrying out a renewal of the YES Pool of Trainers. We aim to have a functioning Pool that can continue to provide trainers for our own and member organisations’ activities, but that can also provide further training for the trainers themselves and possibly in the longer term also provide a way for new trainers to enter and receive the appropriate support.
In the immediate, we are seeking to expand the Pool with new, experienced trainers drawn from our member and partner organisations and elsewhere.
If you would like one or more of your members to be a trainer for YES, please ask them to send an email to listing:
  • their name and updated contact details (email & phone number)
  • the organisation they belong to (if applicable)
  • the content areas they have trained in before
  • the content areas they would feel comfortable training in
  • their preferred length of session (hours, days, weeks)
  • whether they prefer to train alone or with a partner
  • how much notice they need in order to prepare a training
  • which training they have had in the past 2 years (and for which organisations)
  • at least 2 organisations that would be willing to provide a reference as to their training capacities.
Many thanks for your cooperation!

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