Why a refugees welcome campaign ?

  •  YES was advocating for safe ways for refugees and common asylum policy far before the dramatic developments we have witnessed in past 6 months. We are committed to make this topic priority of this and every following mandate until the moment  European governments find and implement long standing and human solution to the current situation.
  • Being loud does not mean being right. We refuse to let the far right monopolise public discourse against refugees being accepted in Europe. We have notices a huge solidarity coming from young people all over  Europe and notably from regions that are faced with very difficult economic situation and high unemployment. We will use this popular momentum until the same or greater amount solidarity comes from heads of European governments

What Can I do? 

  • “Refugees welcome everywhere” – Simple and effective –  take pictures of the stickers everywhere you put them and send them to us (office@youngsocialists.eu)
  • Tag us   in posts on Facebook (YoungSocialists) and Twitter (YESocialists) with stickers and do not forget to use  hashtag #Refugeeswelcome
  • Send us the good initiatives you have launched in your organisations about the topic, we will put them up on our website as well as interviews of NGO’s helping asylum-seekers every day.

Where do I get the stickers?

  • Contact your youth organization or drop us an email. We have enough and we will make sure that everyone who is interested to campaign with us will have them too.

What do we advocate for?

Open more Legal routes !

Because there are almost no possibilities for refugees to seek asylum from Embassies in their country, today refugees have to risk their lives to reach Europe. The result is thousands of dead women, men and children, either in the Mediterranean, or by asphyxiation or fatigue. We need European Embassies to open more legal possibilities for refugees to apply for asylum and come safely to Europe.

Respect international law !

All European countries have subscribed to the Geneva Convention relating to the status of Refugees in 1951. But many measures taken by European governments go against it : putting a cap on the number of asylums granted, or not allowing refugees to seek asylum in Europe but deporting them back to Turkey and other third countries. European countries signed treaties, they have to respect it and accept asylum requests in their countries, and host refugees in a decent way.

Protect women and kids : stop restrictions on family reunification !

European governments are increasingly restricting the right to family reunification for asylum seekers. That means it is becoming very difficult for women and kids to join their husband and father in Europe, so they are now more and more numerous to take the road too. This is creating dramatic situation for women who are facing rapes and prostitutions, and for their kids who are living in dreadful conditions. Family reunification should be facilitated in Europe, it is a matter of safety for women and kids who are now the majority of refugees coming to Europe.

More jobs by hosting and integration policies

Welcoming refugees in big numbers requires an important mobilizations of human and financial resources. But we believe respecting human rights and building a peaceful society is more important than respecting budget targets for a limited amount of time. Investment in hosting and integration programmes should be put forward at the European level. We propose the creation of European multinational task-forces which would have to deal with work regarding registration, education, housing and integration of asylum seekers. We also call for an increased EU funding of NGOs providing first aid to refugees.

For a common and better EU legislation on refugees

Currently the legislation regarding asylum is not the same in all EU countries which creates discrepancies in the way refugees are hosted. We live in a common space, we need common rules to go with it ! In addition, some European legislation is inadequate, namely the Dublin agreements which state that refugees have to apply for asylum in the country where they arrive, which puts countries on the external border under a lot of stress. We need to replace these rules by new ones which would allow refugees to apply for asylum in the country they want to.