Statement of YES Democracy and Fighting Right Wing Extremism Coordinator

As a result of the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, YES and CTP Youth Organization have been closely following the high increase in refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. In this framework, YES and CTP Youth Organization have launched a campaign under the name of #RefugeesWelcome, making it clear that there should be no limitations to welcome refugees in Europe. The political processes that we have lived through has shown that refugees extorted of their right of living in a peaceful and humanitarian environment are trying to reach Europe in a lot of difficulties with a hope of new life.


The “C-Star” ship that has anchored to Port of Famagusta had become the nightmare of refugees that sail towards hope for a humanitarian way of living. This ship that attacks the refugee ships, funded by the far right xenophobic organization “Defend Europe” movement is adding another dimension of drama to this issue. The scale of the crisis is escalated by putting the journey of refugees in the Mediterranean into even more danger, making it even more difficult for those who travel with the hope of living in a free and democratic society with freedom of speech. Moreover, the operations of “Defend Europe” movement under this framework have been accused with the crime of human trafficking and it has surfaced that by earning money from these operations, this movement is funding for the escalation of the fascist ideologies that instigates discrimination via colour or religion of people and paving the way for the breaching of the human rights. The acceptance of this ship to Famagusta Port by the administration of North Cyprus is nothing else than contributing to this crisis. We demand a halt on the deaths in the Mediterranean, putting an end to the difficult travels that asylum seekers are forced to do in order to reach Europe.


YES and CTP Youth Organization demands to back down from this wrong step, stopping any services or fuel supply to this ship and giving the right of refuge to the 20 refugees found in the ship. We are expecting from the administration of North Cyprus to step down from this case, which is a humanitarian crisis, and stopping aiding boats that contribute to the increase of the death toll in the Mediterranean.
Baris Onel

YES Democracy and Fighting Right Wing Extremism Coordinator

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