STOP CETA: Call from Slovenian comrades

While the EU-USA Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is not as dead as it looked like, CETA, the EU-Canada trade agreement, still seems to be on top of the European Commission’s agenda.

In this context, we received a request from our Slovenian comrades of Mladi Forum to share and disseminate their call against CETA.

“We thus call upon all the comrades from left wing organizations and parties across the EU: Socialists and Social Democrats, Members of European Parliament & NationalParliaments, Trade Unionist and Civil Movements to join our cause and stand up against the corporations that seek to undermine everything our ancestors fought for”.

“We urge all the activists and members of prominent left wing organizations to exercise pressure on their leaders, contact their MPs, spread awareness to the public, organize local events and connect with other movements to say a firm “No” to the undemocratic and unfair trade agreement known as CETA. We will not sacrifice our health and living standards in exchange for the profit of multinational corporations”.

Here the full text.

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