Transatlantic Treaty, Macroeconomic policies: time for a change!

From Sunday the 12th the PES, and the S&D Group organized a delegation to the United States in Washington. Together with the American Association “Initiative for Policy Dialogue” and our Democratic partners, several discussions and meetings were planned: on the Transatlantic Treaty (TTIP), on Macroeconomic policies as well as on the domestic and foreign policy of the US. As Young European Socialists, this meeting appeared to us as a good opportunity to create links with international partners and to influence the current discussions on the transatlantic treaty and economic policies. Moreover it gave YES the occasion to push for certain priorities: in order to fight climate change through binding goals, increase social norms at global level and stop the austerity policies in Europe, causing increasing poverty and massive unemployment.

  • Debate on Macroeconomic policies

It is often said that taking some distance, helps to have a better understanding of a situation. In this regard, debating with our American counterparts gave us the opportunity to see how absurd austerity is: not only terrible in social terms, but also inefficient economically.

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  • Reflections on the Transatlantic Treaty (TTIP)

The Young European Socialists adopted a resolution on the Transatlantic Treaty last March during the Thessaloniki Bureau Meeting, asking for a transparent, democratic, social and ecological alternative to the currently negotiated treaty. This meeting in Washington gave us the opportunity to make our voice heard and to build bridges between progressives from both sides of the Atlantic. For the Young European Socialists, Daniel Cornalba made reference to the debates among YES and the resolution adopted last March on TTIP ( TIPP An Alternative is possible ), affirming that the free trade agreement currently negotiated was not acceptable. Not only because of the ISDS mechanism and the risks it represents, but also in a democratic, social and environmental perspective. The current mobilization against TTIP in Europe, but also in the USA, can’t be ignored: “negotiating a treaty without the people is the best way to have them against it”. YES defends an alternative treaty, negotiated transparently and including the democratic institutions and proposing binding environmental goals and higher social norms.

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