Support to Belgrade Pride Parade

We, Young European Socialists, strongly support this year’s Pride Parade announced to be in Belgrade, on September 28th. We are committed to fight homophobia, biphobia and transphobia as well as other form of discrimination.

We believe that right to freedom of peaceful assembly is fundamental human right, guaranteed by European Convention of Human Rights and other documents. This human right must be guaranteed to all citizens of Serbia, regardless their sexual orientation.

We call institutions of Republic of Serbia, and all relevant decision makers to support Pride parade, and to provide security measures to participants of Pride Parade. All governments of Europe should fight extreme right movements that are endangering human rights and use hate speech in their work.

Our member organizations from Serbia already supported Pride Parade, and we show international, European solidarity and support for LGBT community in Serbia and human rights defenders. We support democratic society, and we strongly believe that values we are sharing should be part of that society. The respect and implementation of international human rights standards are necessary if any society wants to be called democratic. We strongly support the efforts of all progressive groups and movements in Serbia in their fight for equality for all.


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