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Stop the European Refugee Crisis!

Over the past weeks and months the ongoing migrant crisis has considerably worsened: families jeopardizing their lives in order to escape persecution and war, bloody riots in Macedonia, overcrowded refugee camps in Greece, arson attacks in Germany, people suffocated to death in trucks on European motorways  - to name just ...

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Irresponsible government measures escalate refugee crisis in Hungary

The flow of refugees, escaping civil war and conflict represents a challenge to European countries and as recent events show Hungary is badly failing to meet this challenge. On Tuesday Keleti train station in Budapest became the centre of the escalating refugee crisis in Europe and also a sad example ...

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YES shocked at Hungary’s plan for migrant fence

Young European Socialists (YES) expresses its profound dismay and regret at the recently announced decision of the Hungarian government to start building a fence on its border with Serbia to keep migrants out. The country, which took a very important part in tearing down the “Iron Curtain”, now started preparations to ...

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