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As European youth, we have been called “the lost generation”

“The European Union has been hit hard by the crisis.”  How many times have we heard this sentence? Thousands and thousands of times, and we all know what it means for our generation: everybody has a friend, a cousin, a sibling or an acquaintance who can’t find a job. It means ...

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Seminar on Youth Unemployment

The first week-end of October  Our Czech Member Organisation, Young Social Democrats, hosted very interesting and important seminar on youth unemployment. The seminar was opened to public and  main focus was on fight against youth unemployment. The important Czech politicians together with international speakers introduced the program Youth Guarantee - program ...

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YES Summer Camp Declaration

YES Summer Camp declaration Drafting committee This joint declaration presents the socialist and social-democratic values, ideas and positions, which have been discussed, shared and developed by the participants of the 11th Young European Socialists Summer Camp in Foca, Turkey. As socialists and social-democrats, democracy is at the heart of our political commitment. We ...

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