Thank you PES Presidency! – Youth and women are priorities for the next two years

The new PES Presidency met the first time this week. Amongst many current issues the work plan for 2013-2014 was discussed. ECOSY can be very happy with the result, as it not only emphasises the need of targeting youth as an important group in the middle of the crisis, but proposes concrete actions to make a difference for our generation.

The Youth Guarantee campaign continues next year, with a strong commitment from the PES to see it through to decent implementation. The ECOSY Veteran and current PES VP Katarina Nevedalova will be responsible for the campaign.

As a new and important commitment the PES is committed not only to talking about the youth, but to include and involve our generation into the work. PES in including a commitment of “30 MEPs under 35” to their work plan. This would mean a massive increase on the number of young Socialist MEPs in the European Parliament after 2014 elections if seen through. For ECOSY this was an important goal and we should be very happy about this commitment. This demands not only more young candidates, but also support and visibility for them.

Now it is our job to make sure the parties at national and European level follow through on this commitment!

ECOSY President

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