The Future of Europe – final post!

The Future of Europe must entail the following principles and proposals:

–  Increase the transparency of decision-making in the EU: the opaque decisions that are
made by non-elected officials in the Commission and that have no accountability to the
citizens must change. For that to change, the Commission must be permanently accountable
to the European Parliament, including at its directorate levels.

–  The decisions at the Council must contribute to improve the functioning of the EU, the life of
its people and serve the best interests of the Union. Therefore, the member states must
reinforce the use of the mechanisms for cooperation that the Lisbon Treaty already,
including the Enhanced Cooperation Mechanism.

– The Economic and Monetary Union must be at the service of people and not the other way
around. This means that it should be reformed into having a clear Social Pillar, that
guarantees social protection to European citizens. Priority should be put into full
employment, equal pay for equal work, assuring a working contract and a paid salary for all
kinds of work, including internships and traineeships, as well as social protection and social
rights such as unemployment, medical and parental leaves among other situations.

– The Growth and Stability Pact must be adjusted to allow member states to implement
expansionary economic policies to counter stagnated or recessive economies. Austerity
measures have proven to fail everywhere they have been implemented and should be put
to a halt, as it has often introduced more precariousness in the labour market, while making
the economy work only for the benefit of a few.

– We must put an end to Fiscal competitiveness and lead the way to an ever more progressive
harmonization in the fiscal systems of the EU countries.

– Together with bigger harmonization, we defend an intensive and effective campaign on Tax
Evasion, making sure that big multinationals as well as individuals pay their fair share. The
fight on Tax Evasion has to be a top priority for the future of Europe as it ensures not only
more social justice but also the necessary funding and resources to improve social rights in
the EU.

– Erasmus+ programmes must be strengthened and be the object of robust financial
investment. These programmes have to become more inclusive, allowing for students,
trainees or workers to benefit from them regardless of their economic situation and

– Sustainable development and the respect for the environment must be at the core of
every economic policy. Climate change has a deep impact already today in our societies and it is mandatory that we actively fight its effects by investing in clean energy sources and a better balance with our environment.

This is a blog post of our Future of Europe Network: we have launched a call for contributions and
we are pinpointing our key priorities for the Future of Europe. We aim at going beyond a good will
to “Reform Europe”, we want to discuss realistic actions and solutions and use the network and
structures that YES managed to build in last 25 years in order to fight for them. Please feel free to
join the discussion!
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