The left needs to win to protect and promote equality in Europe!

The Europe we want stands for equality in all areas. And if there is one thing that’s clearly not in the right wing’s agenda at the European level, it is equality.

  We have all been shocked by what happened in Spain in December, when the Rajoy government decided to suddenly put an end to the right to have an abortion. The right to choose is not a reality everywhere in Europe – yet. Women in Ireland do not have it, neither do they in Poland or Malta. It is still a fight socialists lead in their respective countries and that all European progressives support. Thus, the news was shocking to all of us, all the more as Spain has one of the most progressive abortion laws in Europe now. A few days before, the European right and extreme right voted against the Estrela parliamentary report, which aimed at guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights including (partly) the right to choose and access to contraception at the European level. Even liberals didn’t take a clear position, and the report was rejected. And a few weeks ago, German and French conservatives voted against a parliamentary report aimed at harmonising LGBTQIA* rights at the European level.

 All that to say that the right in Europe is increasingly reactionary and opposes all reforms which foster equality in our societies. Neither Barroso, nor Angela Merkel, nor the leaders of the French right, have condemned the Spanish government’s reactionary stance on abortion. All of them use the excuse of reducing spending to push for a reduction in funding for abortion and contraception, to avoid funding anti-discrimination laws or to restrict migration. Many of them gradually get closer to the extreme right, both ideologically and strategically.

 The left in France, on the other side, leads a policy of equality. Gender equality, with the increased presence of women in the media, in politics and in companies, with the fight against gender-based violence and for a more effective right to choose. LGBTQIA* rights, with the opening of marriage to same-sex couples and a reinforcement of the fight against homo- and transphobia. Social inequalities with measures regarding purchasing power, limiting for instance the cost of housing. If we win the European elections, socialists and the rest of the left could do all that at the continental level: create a minimum wage, fight all discriminations, introduce the most favourable European women’s clauses, protect and promote LGBTQIA* rights.

  How does that sound ? Good, doesn’t it ? So vote socialist from 22nd to 25th May.


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