The Slippery Slide to the Sea – Day 2 of YES Summer Camp 2016

So I have to admit I was VERY lazy today perhaps it’s the heat or perhaps it’s the lack of sleep since Sunday but I slept almost all day!


I couldn’t sleep during the night so getting up at 7.15am so I could have breakfast at 8 was not difficult. Breakfast was delicious the hotel does a great “spread” as we say in Ireland, meaning a great selection of food. I had perfectly cooked rashers, bacon, with a croissant and cherry yogurt. I met with the other members of the other social media team as we spoke about issues with Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms where the panels and workshops are being held. Following this I headed back to bed.


At 10.30 am I collapsed into bed, my plan sleep until around 1 or 2pm and then head down and maybe swim and attend the afternoon panels and workshops. This however did not happen I woke up at 5.10pm and lay in bed staring at the roof deciding what I should do… I know the slide to the sea!


With that I got ready and walked down to the slide. Starting at the top there are 3 slides into 3 pools with a 4th slide into the sea. It is very well done as each pool is filled with sea water so you are not going from chemical into the sea. The pools are not too deep however I could not remain flat footed in them as my mouth and nose would have been underwater. After the first 3 slides I waited to see how deep the sea was and watched 3 or 4 people going in. Then it was my turn 1… 2… 3…


With an exhilarating rush I flew down the slide into the sea where I waded not knowing where the bottom was. It was refreshing and exciting I felt like a new person after I took the leap so to speak. I decided to do it again so I made my way over to the rocks where there is a ladder up to some steps. Maybe it was the heat or maybe I was overzealous in going to the steps to the top but when I reached the top pool I felt faint, my legs turned to jelly and my head spun. I sat down on the first lounger I saw and drank in the air. I watched as people walked by going back to the slides or heading off to the bar. 10 minutes passed and I finally felt I had the strength to head back to the hotel as the slide was now closed.


Trekking back to the hotel was not easy in my state, I tried to best my jelly legs but decided it was a good idea to sit on walls and steps on the way back up the hill. A journey which should have been maybe 5 minutes took me 45 and seeing the hotel reception I fell into a chair where I remained worried I would never get up… I feel we should que the dramatic music here!


But the drama queen in me died down and I headed back to my room where I could shower and rest before the Multicultural fair! By far one of the most interesting nights of Summer Camp.


At 9.30pm Declan and I set up the Labour Youth Ireland stand where we had a bottle of Kilbeggen Whiskey, 16 packets of Tayto cheese and onion crisps, 10 packets of Hunky Dory cheese and onion crisps, a packet of Jacobs Cream Crackers, Avonmore Lifestyle butter spread (made in my home town!), an Irish Pride Fruit Brack, a Coffee and Walnut cake from Nenagh Co. Tipperary, Taste of Goodness Taco Sauce, a block of Kilmeaden Mature Red Cheddar and 9 packets of biscuits: 3 Kimberly, 3 Mikado and 3 Coconut Creams (someone you love would love some, mum). Declan put up our Starry Plough and I put on some Dropkick Murphy’s for the traditional Irish music!


Once set up people flocked to our table, for the brack and defiantly NOT the Whiskey! With Declan holding down the fort I took a walk around viewing the other tables, I ate bread a tomato and cheese and drank a burning vodka from Bulgaria, cheese from Ukraine, drank some “black stuff” liquorice vodka I think from Finland and an herbal “medicine” not unlike Jägermeister from Latvia. I drank beer from Belgium and also ate biscuits, candies, a syrup/relish (which would be delicious on some bread with cheese just melted under a grill) and a cookie butter they had. I got snap bracelets, t-shirts, sunglasses even flip-flops from several tables including the PES table. It was a hugely successful evening which was followed by a midnight pool party with music provided by the Austrians.


This is the kind of evening that can be described in detail and yet can only be experienced in person. If I could, for a moment, advise anyone thinking of coming to YES Summer Camp 2017, to stop thinking and as soon as registration opens next year do it. If not for the new friends you make then for the food you will eat during Multicultural evening!


So from my lazy day to my slippery slide to the sea followed by multicultural evening and midnight pool party I sign off on day 3 and remember tonight we will be having an evening dedicated the European Youth Plan at 9.00pm hope to see you there!


Slán go fóill,


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