TTIP is dead!

YES welcomes the end of TTIP negotiations.

Within the last weeks and days, main characters in the TTIP negotiations and member states have declared the end of TTIP.   Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of SPD, state secretary for the trade of France, Matthias Fekl,  and TTIP rapporteur for the European Parliament, Bernd Lange, all have said that they cannot imagine TTIP beeing finished this year. Over 27 of 30 chapters have been discussed. In none of them, a common position was found. It seems as the TTIP negotiations will finally be stopped at the next council meeting in Bratislava.
“We are happy that our parties are finally  seeing what Young European Socialists and many civil organisations have been telling for months now. There are many things in TTIP that we cannot live with. This includes private courts and the endangerment of labour rights and environmental standards.  But it’s important to look forward now. We still have the CETA agreement between the EU and Canada. Even though a lot was achieved in the last months there are still many concerns especially the question of labour rights and ICS is not clarified.
We need fair trade treaties, that actually bring improvement to the people and set standards all over the world that for progressive labour rights and environmental issues.” says Laura Slimani, president of YES.

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